When is a good time to start?

As with making any type of improvement, the sooner the better. Most students begin the summer prior to Junior year; however, KM Academics offers early engagement as well as fast-track programs. 

How much time is needed to increase scores?

There is no set amount of time that will guarantee a specific score. To be successful, a student should dedicate, on average, 4-6 months of his/her time to tutoring before the first test. This can vary, depending on needs and schedule. 

How many times can a student take the test?

Typically, a student will take a test 2-3 times.

Where are sessions held?

We travel to you! Sessions are held at either the student’s home (with a parent present) or at a local library.

How long are sessions?

Sessions can be either 1 or 1 ½ hours, either weekly or bi-weekly. It is recommended to start with 1 ½ hour sessions to give more time for the student to learn concepts that he/she may be unfamiliar with.

How do we get started?

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